Services that scale as your business grows

Select what you need with solutions designed to grow with your business. Profit Leap helps you leverage cost-effective solutions that scale efficiently, ensuring you only pay for what you use, maximizing your budget at every stage of your business journey.



$ 950
  • Timely Financial Reports
  • Precise Expense Tracking
  • FREE Success Dashboard


Business Advisory

$ 2950
  • Business plan & budget
  • Weekly advisory calls
  • Unlimited email support
  • FREE Success Dashboard
  • AI Advisor Huxley
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Executive Assistant

$ 950
  • Offload admin tasks
  • Data Collection
  • Flexible Scheduling
Leap PRIME Add-on

Why Leap PRIME business advisors?

We provide “fractional” advisors where services can scale up as your business grows, making it affordable for business of all sizes. Our advisors help entrepreneurs with:

Business Planning

Direction is informed by strategic roadmaps, punctuated with achievable milestones, fostering optimism as business trajectories resonate with individual goals.

Decision Making

Creativity is fueled by diverse executive insights, sparking innovation, while initiative is powered by expert counsel, ensuring well-informed actions.

Budgeting & Variance

Transparency sheds light on precise fund deployment, enhancing efficiency achieved through optimal resource and time utilization.

Forecasting & Projections

Confidence is bolstered by verified numerical accuracy, alongside security anchored in proactive mitigation of financial vulnerabilities.

Financial Controls

Visibility into potential future scenarios paints a clearer financial landscape, fostering readiness to capitalize on emergent growth avenues and ensuring adaptability.

Executive Coaching

Empowerment in evolving as both a leader and an entrepreneur is coupled with initiative amplified by consistent executive accountability, driving action.

Operations & HR Oversight

Freedom is derived from the assurance of seamless operational performance, and organization is enriched by a dynamic structure that evolves for the better.

Crisis Management

Preparedness to navigate unforeseen challenges ensures resilience, paired with the courage to venture into bold terrains, backed by robust contingency plans.

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A turnkey solution for busy entrepreneurs to leverage their time

  • Strategy and Finance Advisors

    Offer diverse expertise and perspectives, enabling entrepreneurs to efficiently address various aspects of their business.

  • AI Advisor

    Assists in decision-making, enhancing efficiency and productivity by providing tailored, immediate insights.

  • Business Intelligence Dashboard

    Provides a centralized location for key metrics and data insights, allowing entrepreneurs to make informed decisions quickly and effectively.

  • Bookkeeping

    Organizes financial transactions, providing entrepreneurs with clear, up-to-date financial insights, thereby aiding in more strategic financial decision-making.

  • Executive Assistant

    Gathers and organizes relevant business data for integration into the Business Intelligence Dashboard and offloading other administrative tasks.

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