Helping businesses achieve success, faster

Our unique approach is guided by our 8 Gears of Success framework. Using a combination of business strategy/financial advisors, AI-powered Success dashboard, and fractional support team, Profit Leap optimizes each of the 8 gears in a business (the entrepreneur, strategy, sales, marketing, operations, people, cash/finances, and profit).


Victor Santoro, MD MBA
CEO / Strategy Advisor

Victor Santoro, MD MBA, is the visionary behind Profit Leap Consulting, a consultancy dedicated to empowering small business owners. With over two decades of hands-on experience in both the medical and business sectors, Victor understands the intricacies of growth, profitability, and the pursuit of financial freedom. Recognized with the “Rising Star” Franchise Award and having steered ventures past the $1 million revenue mark, he’s no stranger to success. But it’s his passion for entrepreneurship and commitment to helping others achieve their dreams that truly sets him apart.

Victor’s “superpower” lies in his data-driven approach, unwavering focus on results, and his role as an accountability enforcer. With Victor at the helm, businesses not only set ambitious goals but also achieve them with precision and consistency.

Russell Rosario, CPA
CFO / Financial Advisor

Russell Rosario, a dynamic co-founder of Profit Leap Consulting, is a beacon of financial acumen and technological prowess. With a rich background as a CPA and a software engineer, Russell has dedicated his career to optimizing financial systems, automating operations, and maximizing shareholder value. As a Fractional CFO, he has championed the financial health of over 30 small businesses, each boasting revenues exceeding $1M annually. His unique blend of finance and tech expertise, positions him as a game-changer for small business owners.

Beyond his financial expertise, Russell is also an adept software engineer, harnessing the power of AI and machine learning for intricate data analysis. This allows insights and solutions that are both innovative and actionable, giving businesses a competitive edge.

Our Mission

At the heart of our endeavors is a mission to redefine the very essence of business intelligence, with a steadfast focus on paving the way for entrepreneurs to attain success, faster. We envision ourselves not just as advisors but as pivotal partners in the entrepreneurial journey. We are committed to providing turnkey solutions to help busy entrepreneurs better leverage their time. Our aspiration extends beyond being a top-tier advisory service; we are committed to evolving our proprietary AI technology. Huxley, our groundbreaking AI advisor bot, represents the pinnacle of our technological ambition, poised to revolutionize advisory services by offering unparalleled, data-driven insights, effectively replacing the need for human advisors with its advanced analytical capabilities. In this bold new era, we are not just reimagining the future of business intelligence and entrepreneurship; we are actively creating it, empowering every entrepreneur to dream bigger, reach higher, and achieve more than ever before.